Range Life Records

Range Life was formed in 2005 in Lawrence, Kansas by Zach Hangauer and brought to life with the extraordinary help of Jeffrey Isom, Matthew Eastwood, Michael Pritie and Andrew Myers. Our inspiration was the music being made by Justin Roelofs (what became White Flight) & other friends and family in Lawrence. The original Range Life crew is now far-flung, reaching from Lawrence and Kansas City to the West Coast - and then wherever Justin happens to be at the moment.

🌴 Range Life HQ is currently San Francisco, California.

Questions, demos, press etc: zach@rangeliferecords.com

Indie bands might also be insterested in How To Release A Record, a candid guide to the indie release process written by Range Life's Zach Hangauer.

Album Art and Packaging, Release Posters and online Materials for RLR-01 - RLR-09 were designed by Pre Sense Form.

Photos and Videos: Neil Krug, Brendan Costello, Jeffrey Isom, Kenneth Kupfer, Brendan Hangauer, Patrick Hangauer & Zach Hangauer

Label friends: High Dive Records, Nopal Records, Foreign Domestic, Make Mine, Black & Greene and Saddle Creek

CDs and Vinyl available at our Big Cartel Store.

For Fourth Of July t-shirts, coozies, CD's and LP's, please visit the High Dive Records Store.

We had a feature article in Issue #51 of FADER magazine(PDF).

Since 2008, we've compiled year-end lists of our "Favorite Songs", which you can find HERE.

A bunch of remixes of Range Life releases are available to stream/download from our SoundCloud. There's also some cool rarities up there, like the Fourth Of July 2007 "Tour Singles", their 2006 "Demos" EP, the 2002 "Silence" EP and the Dri "Smoke Rings" b-side "Asha".

Our YouTube channel was unceremoniously deleted on a technicality by Google in 2014. We lost a lot of good stuff but will work, over time, to get some of it back up on the new channel. PSA: Back up your digital content!

The picture on this page is of Hanz Bronze, Zach Hangauer and Jeffrey Isom at Range Life HQ in Lawrence, circa 2008. Photo by Mickey Kerr.

This version (v3) of the Range Life Records site was designed, built and is maintained by Zach Hangauer. Suggestions, bugs, other projects and ideas - please reach out: zach@rangeliferecords.com