1,000,000 Light Years


2007 / RLR-02

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1,000,000 Light Years is Patrick Hangauer (bassist for Fourth Of July) orchestrating drum machine, sampler and casio keyboard into ambient, beat-laden soundscapes. Written and recorded while studying in the Music Department at the University Of Kansas, 1,000,000 Light Years evolved as a meditative release from the analytical rigors of classical training. Full of atmospherics, slow-builds, sudden windows and miniature melodies, the 1,000,000 Light Years EP is one of our treasures.

Recorded by Patrick Hangauer in Overland Park and Lawrence, Kansas. Mastered by Nick Day at Black Lodge.


Track Listing

  1. Spring All Year (MP3)

  2. Non-perishable Produce

  3. Mechanical Time

  4. Free Energy

  5. Moonscreen