Before Our Hearts Explode!

Fourth of July

Before Our Hearts Explode!

2010 / RLR-08

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Fourth Of July's sophomore record "Before Our Hearts Explode!" is a searching, scathing expose' of the space between two people in the endgame of a relationship. Distances, infidelities, drunk dials and rumor mills all collide in a flash to light up the landscape of losing love. With their pleading hooks and helpless candor, the songs on "Before Our Hearts Explode!" capture the racket of heartbreak and the wild catharsis of making music out of how it feels.

Recorded by Colin Mahoney at the Bullhouse, Lawrence Kansas. Mixed by Colin Mahoney and Zach Hangauer. Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering, Brooklyn. Fourth Of July is: Brendan Hangauer (vocals, guitar) Patrick Hangauer (bass) Kelly Hangauer (keys, trumpet, vocals) Brian Costello (drums, vocals) Brendan Costello (guitar) Steve Swyers (guitar on Album) w/ additional vocals by: Adrianne Verhoeven (tracks 3,6,7,9) and Katlyn Conroy (tracks 2 & 10)