Say My Name 2

Say My Name

Say My Name 2

2011 / RLR-10

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After burning ears with his 2010 debut EP, Say My Name spent a long Winter in Lawrence, Kansas, shacked up with a crate of warped vinyl, experimenting with the art of sampling. Recording to Dictaphone and physically manipulating both record player and recording device, he built up a library of phantom fuzz and bent dollar-bin hooks. A skilled musician, he spent months arranging guitars, percussion, piano, synths and hammond organ, playing with, and blurring the lines between, appropriated audio and inspired intervention. A sweeping follow-up to his jam-packed EP, "Say My Name 2" is an album of eerie alchemy, a soundscapist's escape from the Kansas cold.

Assembled and mixed by The Kid in Lawrence, KS at The Bullhouse and 522½ Indiana. Mastered by Carl Saff. Kelly Hangauer played baritone on "Ayn Rand". Artwork by Kenneth Kupfer. Thanks to Zaguar, Kenneth, Lez Juckett, and R.