11/26/10 Holidaze

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Video: Patrick Hangauer hit the vaults for his flashback/flashforward take on Fourth Of July's "Friend of a Friend", starring he and Brendan as kids. Who knew they wrote that song in the late 80's? And were such pioneering choreographers? It's all HERE for your Black Friday viewing pleasure...

Thanks to everyone who has picked up the new Fourth Of July album "Before Our Hearts Explode!" on iTunes, vinyl and CD. The CD's are SOLD OUT for now. We'll hopefully have more soon. Vinyl is available but is Limited and can be purchased at Love Garden in Lawrence or from the Range Life Webstore for $15 (domestic postage included). The LP includes a full-page lyric insert, so you can be sure to win any argument about what's being sung. Shows? Something's brewing for Dec 18th in Lawrence - details soon.

Say My Name - whose vinyl is also available at Love Garden and the Webstore - has been dropping new and non-EP tracks on his Soundcloud the last few months. His latest, "La Cygne", is one of my favorite things he's ever done - an ear candle of crackling digital fuzz that melts away the wax until you're listening to sub-layers and shadow-layers, each bob of your head and tap of your toe on some telepathic connection to the sonic space. Or maybe I've just had it on "Repeat" too long. At any rate, if you get a chance to not listen to Kanye in the next week or two, "La Cygne's" a "10", straight up.

Don't know about you, but I'm ready for "Favorite Songs 2010", our yearly attempt to put in to words those swirls of thoughts and feelings that some songs magically bring to life. We post on the blog "Before Our Hearts Explode!" (no relation to the Fourth Of July record, other than a shared sentiment). If you missed it last year, we shouted out songs (and posted links) from Pink Priest, Sleigh Bells, Bill Callahan, Bat For Lashes, Marmoset, Lee Fields, Gold Panda/Teengirl Fantasy, Wavves, Simon Joyner, Rainbow Bridge, Charles Spearin, Cursive, Polvo, Dirty Projectors, Girls/Woolfy/May Ling/Sebastien Tellier/Memory Tapes/Mungolian Jet Set/Oneohtrix Point Never/diskJokke/Shit Robot/Higamos Higomos, Magnolia Electric Co., Salem, Washed Out/Grizzly Bear/Bowerbirds/Black Moth Super Rainbow/The xx/Neon Indian/Bibio, and Bird Names.

If you care to join in the "Favorite Songs of 2010" shebang, posting will begin on Monday, November 29th and go weekdaily until we're exhausted. If there's a song you'd like to make it rain on, please type it up, include a song link and send it to Don't be shy!


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