1/25/11 Warm Thoughts

Homepage: Zaguar, out the window in Greenpoint.

Kelly Hangauer from Fourth Of July is in a new project with Jeff Stolz from Drakkar Sauna - they're calling themselves "The Hips" and are debuting tracks off their coming cassette release on Thursday, Feb 3rd at the Taproom. Opening is brother Patrick and the electronic meditations of 1,000,000 Light Years.

Fourth Of July "Before Our Hearts Explode!" CD's are BACK IN STOCK at Love Garden in Lawrence and on the Range Life Webstore. The record is also up on this cool new site called Bandcamp.

Fourth Of July is starting to lay down tracks in Lawrence for a new EP - included will most likely be "BOHE!" b-sides "Fallin'" and "Wedding Day", along with recent show-stoppers "Fall In August" and "Eskimo Brothers". We'll keep you posted as it develops...

Distant Early Warning: Fourth Of July will be playing shows again in March - a choice line-up for Saturday, March 5th at the Jackpot with Hospital Ships and Mansion and then up on campus for the Student Union's "Big Event" on Thursday, March 31st. Details soon.

Did you catch the trailer for Neil Krug's "Children of the Light" video? It's HERE. Recipe's still getting tweaked for the Whole Enchilada, but man it's gonna be so tasty!

The UK 7" for White Flight's "Panther"/"Children of the Light" is OUT NOW on Make Mine and available at the Make Mine Big Cartel and on the Rough Trade site. Limited!

Keep up with Say My Name at the Kid's Soundcloud.

And, if you're down, let's take a moment to consider all the cool things in the works: the FOJ EP, new 1,000,000 Light Years, new Say My Name, a Hanz Bronze full-length on Radical Fortress, a terrific Extra Classic album, White Ark, new Suzannah Johannes(?), Hunters and Gatherers(?) - and hope with all our might for the best for them.


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