11/5/11 Rocktober

Homepage: photo from Lake Tahoe by Kelly Hangauer

Wow, what a month! After almost a year in Brooklyn, I made the move with my girlfriend cross-country to San Francisco. That was October 1st. On the 30th our baby daughter Milla Kate was born. In between, White Flight "went and fucking did it", as @MakeMine said on Twitter, fulfilling his Kickstarter campaign for a new White Flight record; we witnessed Extra Classic tear apart the Independent; Hunters & Gatherers (Kelly from Fourth Of July) and Coke Weed X (Bronco and Styles from Fourth Of July) posted hot tracks to their respective Soundclouds; our friends Rooftop Vigilantes dropped their fantastic "Real Pony Glue" album; the Chiefs won 4 in a row; Steve Jobs died; and #OccupyWallSt took flight. Pretty amazing ; )

As we catch our breath (and a few shards of shut-eye), here's a little twitter round-up of what's going on: @BARRR did an hour-long A.D.D. podcast with Say My Name; Atlas and the Anchor did a nice interview with Dri; the indispensable I Heart Local Music started a Kickstarter for new local-music-coverage equipment (including, for a $50 pledge, a package of almost all of the Range Life vinyl releases); one of our favorite emerging artists, Matthew Northridge, has a solo show opening at our friend Steven Stewart's KANSAS Gallery in NYC; our homie Carl posted a ragged glory cover of Fourth Of July's "L Train" to YouTube; and Say My Name's new joint, "Say My Name 2", climbed the charts.

If you're in Lawrence Friday, November 11th - aka 11/11/11 - I envy you, because that night every venue in town is going to be stocked with choice bands. Our very own Fourth Of July and Suzannah Johannes will be topping the bill that night at the Taproom and 1,000,000 Light Years and Dri "Smoke Rings" Producer Nezbeat will be at the Bottleneck. (UPDATE: Just saw my boy Nez out here in SF - he's not on this bill any longer.) Please take video! And raise an Ad Astra for me!

Next update we'll be gearing up for "Favorite Songs of 2011", so be thinking about it. And hopefully an update on the status of Fourth Of July recording. If you're visiting - or playing - San Francisco, please drop a line.

Have a great Yesvember!

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