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Homepage: Beverly Pepper "Split Pyramid" at Stanford University photo by @Z_aguar

Excited to start out 2012 with updates from all Range Life-associated artists, each in their own words:

White Flight: ALOHA! I write from southern California on this beautiful sunny day. We are alive and this planet is hot hot hot right now! I have begun work on a new recording, which I won't even call an album, as it is going to be much more than that, the genesis sounds for a film and eventual multi-sensoral other-dimensional transport tool. The scope of this project will involve many incredible collaborators and inevitably lots of coconuts. I am considering a variety of spaces to really dig deep into the initial foundation of this project, and I am reaching out and open to any ideas if someone can offer a special retreat-like space that could be transformed into a studio for 2 weeks to 2 months. I will rent the space or make trades. Privacy is essential, a place where deep exploration can take place without day to day interruptions. Preferably, I am looking for something in southern California, HAWAII, or anywhere else OUTside of America. Middle of nowhere works, exploring all options. I am also needing to borrow or rent some studio gear, particularly looking for vintage tube preamps, compressors, funky keyboards and various effects. Please contact me if you want to become a part this incredible new project!!! love, WHITEY

Say My Name: I can say, with some degree of certainty, that Say My Name 2 will actually exist in the physical world this year. Probably as a compact disc, unless I stumble upon a giant bag of money, in which case Say My Name 2 will definitely come out on quadrophonic 180 gram vinyl. Otherwise, I have been working on a few remixes for some local favorites that should be trickling out over the next weeks and months, including this remix for CVLTS . I'm also trying out a less sample-based approach on my new material, but old tricks die hard. Santorum 2012!

Fourth Of July: hey it's brendan from fourth of july. at the end of 2011 we started recording a new full length album. we hit the studio with our good friend chris crisci (appleseed cast, old canes). down in his basement we have started to create our best album yet. the album is about half way done at this point in 2012. just need to add some salt and pepper and mix it down. we also have some upcoming shows: feb. 2nd @the jackpot w/ cowboy indian bear, and feb. 24th @the brick in kansas city w/ the acb's. 2012 is looking like an exciting year for fourth of july. some goals are to play south by southwest and tour on this new album. hope we can get all this done before the aliens come...ha ha just kidding :-/

Suzannah Johannes: I turned 29 in August and have a goal of recording a full length before I'm thirty. Still have a deal on the table with No Quarter, I think. I'm playing four songs for the "Modern Romantics" show (aka Danny Pound Review) Jan. 21 at the Art Center. The line up is exciting: Danny Pound, Danny Pound Band, Arthur Dodge, Matt Suggs, and myself. Saymyname and Danny Pound Band are going to accompany me on most of the songs. After that, I'm not going to play any shows until I have some new songs. Wouldn't want to fade away, after all. Still working in Topeka. Some call it Top City, but I prefer Toe Town.

1,000,000 Light Years: 1,000,000 Light Years is continuing the quest for the perfect sound to embody the spirit of the ancient far advanced past-- Like when people used to use sound to move giant stones, built pyramids from the stones and then used the pyramids as gateways to travel the universe. But the stones to be moved now are bodies, the pyramids made of light and the universe just merely one of the infinite dimensions to travel. The sonic spaceship is just beginning construction-- one could say the tools to construct it have been constructed; the soil has been prepared. Fall brought forth a remix of Mastermind Say My Name's "The Red One" from his latest release. It still needs a little tweaking in the mixing booth, but will debut shortly. In the meantime, here is a preview of the new sounds, taken at the Lost Art gallery space in downtown Lawrence where 1MLY is playing monthly on Final Fridays. Feliz año nuevo!

Dri/Extra Classic: As 2012 begins we have started work on a new Extra Classic album. We're recording all analog: deep, heavy, swirly and all smashed together onto 1/2" magnetic tape. Our debut album, "Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam", which was "released" in September 2011 by Manimal Vinyl will at last see a vinyl release this month featuring a gate-fold jacket with fresh art/packaging by our bro, PreSenseForm. The vinyl LP package will also include a download card that has 4 bonus dub/versions. This February, Burger Records is releasing a cassette of our LP with it's corresponding dub album! The A-side will have "Your Light..." in it's entirety and the B-side will have all dub/versions of the songs! We're sooooo stoked about this! Extra Classic live: 2/17 San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord, 3/14-18 Austin, TX South By Southwest, 3/23-25 San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside BURGER RECORDS BOOGALOO xo xo Dri & Alex

Looking forward to all of this and more this year.

Sit tight!

Range Life
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