3/22/12 Spring

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Busy, busy, busy.

Been jamming roughs for the next Fourth Of July LP and it's incredible - the most mature, memorable songs they've ever made. Can't wait for everyone to hear the record! If you want to hear the latest live, you're in luck: they play the Middle of the Map Fest, Saturday April 7th at the Firefly Lounge, KC, from 8:30-9:30; and then open for Ghosty at their album release show, Friday, April 20th at the Replay (check out/pre-order the new Ghosty album HERE).

Know Coke Weed X? If you don't, it's Bronco and Brendan Costello from Fourth Of July, shaking up an all-gems grab-bag of instrumental daydreams and hotbox soul breaks. So good. We'll be releasing the EP digitally early this Summer so stay tuned!

Got to chill with 1,000,000 Light Years here in SF and heard some deep tracks from the album he's working on, a follow-up to his 2007 EP. Catch 1MLY opening for the Roseline, Thursday, March 29th at the Replay.

Talked to White Flight who's getting ready to head to Peru for a few months to record his boundless (and Kickstarter powered!) next album. Think he's living the dream? Can not wait to hear it B)

Extra Classic's 150gm gatefold vinyl is in stock and will post a link for it soon.

The "Suzannah Johannes EP" is back on iTunes ; ) If you haven't noticed, there's an EP's worth of remixes you can download from her album page (just right-click/ control-click the track and select "download linked file").

Was surfing YouTube the other night and found this video of Suzannah Johannes and Say My Name playing a Velvet Underground-y version of "Girl Like You" together.

And then Suzannah appears again, in the far-right duo, in this video of Danny Pound's set-closer, "Quitting Time", from his spot-lit show at the Lawrence Arts Center. So beautiful, sad, hopeful. Lawrence in a nutshell.

Go Hawks!!!

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