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Homepage: Zaguar, still from the "Sand Pit" video

Feeling the Coke Weed X? Such a great sounding record. You can stream it on Soundcloud or buy it on Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon. Nice reviews in The Pitch, Atlas and the Anchor and a cool article on I Heart Local Music about the CWX boys. We've also debuted the first video for Coke Weed X, a vintage Mariah Carey romp through the spliced-soul track "Sand Pit", put together by Zaguar. Check it HERE (Vimeo) or HERE (YouTube).

There's also a masterful Say My Name remix of the Coke Weed X track "Ryback" up for stream or download HERE on the Coke Weed X Soundcloud.

Wild to think it's been a year since our last release, the fantastic, criminally underrated "Say My Name 2". There was also a Zaguar video for it. And to celebrate the anniversary, 1,000,000 Light Years just threw up his remix for Say My Name 2's "The Red One", which you can stream/download HERE on the 1,000,000 Light Years Soundcloud. It's never too late to get blissfully lost in the layers of Say My Name 2. Try the Kid's Bandcamp or iTunes or at least grab the free MP3s on his Album page.

Speaking of 1,000,000 Light Years, he has a new website up, which you can check out HERE. Some nice glimpses into his current life, beach-side in Costa Rica. As he mentions in his News, he's been finishing up the next 1MLY album, which we hope to share with you shortly. It's atmospheric and adventurous, a mix of lunar music lab and hatchback-woofer booty shaking. Getting mastered now. Out before the end of the year.

Also at mastering, the latest and greatest Fourth Of July LP, tentatively titled "Empty Moon". It's being mastered by Ghosty's Mike Nolte, taking it to tape. More details when they emergeā€¦

And yes, we've heard a few roughs from the next White Flight album, being finished in Kauai. Ratatat's back with some beats. And Justin's voice has never sounded better. Get your Hammer-pants ready for the second these songs drop.

Some other things in the works too, just trying to keep the torch lit. Thanks for checking in!

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