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Our next release, 1,000,000 Light Years' "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" EP, will be out digitally March 19, 2013! 1,000,000 Light Years is Patrick Hangauer - you might know him as the bassist for Fourth Of July or as your friendly neighborhood Kangen water rep. If you haven't heard his 2007 debut EP, you can, for a limited time, download it for free HERE at the 1,000,000 Light Years Bandcamp. "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" is the next step in what I think is a pretty stellar run of progressive computer-produced instrumental music, from the first 1MLY Ep to Say My Name's first EP and "Say My Name 2" to last year's Coke Weed X. The joy of having Range Life is that we get to release music we love and I really love this 1MLY EP -- it casts a spell between ambience and momentum, layered with a classical musician's sense of orchestration, a world traveler's instrument cache and a dirty dog's love of a grind-able beat. I don't think there's anyone making music quite like this. Can't wait to give you a taste!

I know everyone's anxious for updates on new music from Fourth Of July and White Flight. Here's the good news: both have finished records! Here's the hold up: they both have finishing touches and logistics to get worked out before any release dates or details can be announced. Stayyyyy tuned!

For those lucky to be in Lawrence, two of the town's best, Fourth Of July and Hospital Ships are playing a show together at the Taproom on Friday, February 1st.

It was a treat to hear our friend Suzannah Joahannes' voice again -- she's featured on the new record by Lasorda (also featuring Matt Pryor, Dustin Kinsey, Josh Adams and Nate Harold). You can hear the Suzie-centric opening track HERE and Nate Harold's remix HERE. Check out the I Heart Local Music review of the album. And Suzannah's now-classic 2008 EP is still available HERE on 7" vinyl (free download included).

We've added a slew of tracks to the Range Life Soundcloud -- pretty much every remix anyone's done for any of our releases. All free downloads. Check out the set HERE. I also posted to the "Before Our Hearts Explode!" blog an MP3-linked list of "Favorite Songs" for the last two years. Check out "Favorite Songs 2012" and "Favorite Songs 2011". And there's a new Bandcamp feature, Bandcamp For Fans -- don't be shy about following/supporting/wishlisting the Range Life artists on Bandcamp, including Fourth Of July, Say My Name, Coke Weed X and 1,000,000 Light Years. (I also have a fan site on Bandcamp and have to say I've got a pretty tight list of artists I'm following -- check it HERE.)

Updates on WF and FOJ - plus a proper introduction to the new 1,000,000 Light Years - all next time.

2013 rules already!

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