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So much percolating right now, both for Range Life and for Range Life associated artists! Cool! Like what?

Well, our next release is planned: the long-awaited debut EP from our youngest brother Kelly who goes by Hunters & Gatherers. It's 4 tracks, 3 of which are songs structured around conversations he recorded with people like White Flight and Jason Barr, plus one instrumental. It's great - totally fresh in it's concept, gorgeously scored and sung in one of the most soothing voices I know. Release date is tentative right now but shooting for September.

The most pressing news is that Fourth Of July, whose latest LP "Empty Moon" came out in April on High Dive Records, is gearing up for their yearly patriotic romp through the Replay known as Fourth Of July on the 4th of July. This year's fireworks will be extra special, both because they'll be joined by Hospital Ships (who just released the excellent "Destruction In Yr Soul" on Graveface) and because they'll be featuring a performance of their debut album "On The Plains" in it's swooning, singalong entirety. The show is at 10PM this Thursday, July 4th at the Replay, #LFK.

In case you missed Fourth Of July singer Brendan Hangauer's screenprint show at Love Garden earlier this year, he's bringing new artwork to Kansas City for a First Friday's show, this Friday, July 5th, at 1819 Central Gallery in the Crossroads. He'll also be performing solo during the opening, as will the man behind our most recent release, 1,000,000 Light Years.

Man, I've been jamming the new 1,000,000 Light Years EP steady for months. Have you heard it? Stream it 24/7 on Soundcloud, DL the single "Sevens" HERE, scope it on iTunes plus check out the sister-EP "Rainbow Keys" on 1MLY's Bandcamp. 1MLY himself did two new videos: one for the wonderful Say My Name remix of "Rainbow Keys" and the other for his "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" jam Waves.

If you've heard the rumor that Suzannah Johannes has recorded new material, I can confirm that it's true. I have no idea what her release plans are but I do know she spent time tracking with some pros in L.A. and that at least two of the songs reprise her songwriting partnership with Hanz Bronze. Can't wait to hear it all and listen in bliss.

More rumors/scoops/FAQ's: Yes, I have heard some new White Flight tracks and Yes, they rule - but as far as I know, work continues on the record and a release date is not set. The amazing Say My Name has put together a new album of tape-delay experimentations and it's on some next-wave shit though I am not certain of his release plans. And our friend Dri has been hard at work this year on a new Extra Classic album which is just about Jah-ready. Can't wait to hear it and jam it! HERE is some video of Extra Classic performing a new song at a music fest in Big Sur last weekend.

See? Perlocating… And the heat is on. Everyone's dropping records this year! You heard it here first ;)

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