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January 10, 2017 // 10 Years

Here we are.

2017 marks the 10 year Anniversay of Range Life. There are some cool things on the horizon though I want to be candid about where things are at with Range Life as a record label:

We have not had an official release since the Hanz Bronze album in the summer of 2015 and there are currently no new releases scheduled.

I don't want to say there will be never be more releases on Range Life -- there are still both past and present projects at various stages of completion, with various chances of ever seeing the light of day.

But so many variables go in to putting music out and there are so many loose ends to tie, it really is a small miracle each time it happens.

If you don't believe me, check out How To Release A Record 😎

So while Range Life has no new releases planned for 2017, there are a few incredibly exciting small miracles to look forward to from our extended family:

- a new, still-under-wraps, completed project from Justin Roelofs of White Flight
- a new, about-to-be-recorded sophomore album from Empty Moon
- a new Extra Classic album
- an official vinyl pressing of one of our seminal 2007 releases

If these all happen, I'd say 2017's looking pretty sweet!

So what about 2016 - what may I have missed?


The Anniversary (the band which later gave us Dri and White Flight) had an official reunion (minus Justin, who was busy recording) and went out on a super well-recieved reunion tour. Here's some live footage. And our friend Cole interviewed them for Stereogum here.

Empty Moon started writing new (soon-to-be-recorded) tunes, including this one, "Map for the Maze", captured on HD by Matthew Toplikar:

Extra Classic put out their "In This Life" 45"

A number of music-makers, including Say My Name, 1,000,000 Light Years and Hanz Bronze shared with me works in progress that are incredible and that I can only hope get finished.

And, of course, we did our annual "FavSongs" end-of-year round up -- I was joined this time on twitter by Empty Moon who shared a pretty awesome top 10.

Happy New Year! Let's stay in touch,

Range Life

March 20, 2016 // March Madness

Where does the time go? Seems like a hot minute ago we were putting out the Hanz album and suddenly it's 9 months later...

No earth-shaking news here -- just want to touch briefly on where everyone's at:

Hanz Bronze: if you bought the Hanz album, we thank you. Thanks also to anyone who wrote a note to say they were feeling it. Atlas and the Anchor included "Hanz Bronze" on his Top 10 Albums of 2015, which was sweet, and Cassette Gods gave a nice review. Hanz has a few other unreleased recordings, which we're in the process of trying to compile, starting with "The Exploding Hanz" sessions, which Dri helped digitize from the cassette.

Dri: Extra Classic is currently at work on their 3rd LP, recording here in San Francisco. They plan to have a 7"/45 out this September and have shows this Spring opening for Marc and the Casuals April 15th at the Chapel and May 20th-22nd in Big Sur at Folkyeah's Hipnic VIII.

Empty Moon (Fourth Of July): Brendan is working on new songs for a new Empty Moon album and the one or two demos I've heard are pretty fantastic. "Dear Life" director Matt Toplikar was in town recently to shoot some new Empty Moon music videos, including a new, unreleased track --- I heard they shot out on a boat in the Bay, so looking forward to seeing that! Empty Moon also put together a "Covers" EP late last Summer, covering songs by Simon Joyner, Joel Alme, Matt Suggs and Townes Van Zandt. "Covers" EP videos HERE and (free download) MP3's at the Empty Moon Bandcamp.

Say My Name: Along with quitely dropping a few new tracks last year under the name "Telepresence", Say My Name collaborated with 1,000,000 Light Years on a new track for our friends Brock and Julie's amazing Alskan-mountaintop wedding video, directed by Priest Fontaine. Dope track - hope they'll Soundcloud it!

1,000,000 Light Years: As mentioned above, did a sweet collaboration with Say My Name on a new track. Attention Music Supervisors: 1,000,000 Light Years + Say My Name = Aces! New ambient 1,000,000 Light Years jams are in the works, I hear, plus I've been working on a new 1,000,000 Light Years website, which should be up soon.

White Flight: Oh, you know, just stockpiling a few album's worth of Solid Gold in the paradise of Kauai...

Coke Weed X and Suzannah Johannes I need to check in with, so will share any News when I hear it.

As for me: I did the new website for the awesome KC label High Dive Records, a "fan video" for Mount Bank's "Everything Is Glass (Slow)", a not-yet-released video for Oxblood's "Queen of the Stars", and posted my annual "Favorite Songs 2015" list on the Before Our Hearts Explode! blog. Plus working on a portfolio with a bunch of new web-work, so, yeah, stay tuned!


Range Life

June 28, 2015 // 😎

Hope you're digging the Hanz Bronze debut, which is Out Now! You can find it digitally at iTunes, Bandcamp and SoundCloud and pick up the limited edition cassette (with the classic bonus track "Pac Woman") online at Bandcamp or at Love Garden (Lawrence), TD's (Bloomington) or Aquarius (San Francisco) -- (all cassettes come with download code).

If you're having any trouble finding it - or want to stock it - drop a line: zach@rangeliferecords.com.

For the video for the first single, "Elderberry Dawn", I'd asked Hanz to send me some footage from his life in Coastal Oregon and some versions of him performing the song -- I wound up with a ton of stunning footage from the dunes and the beach, but -- classic Hanz -- it was his own unbridled, winking and snarling showmanship which was by far the most mesmerizing and which has been edited into the Nilsson-esque Official video. Check it!

Working on some dates for Hanz live. Keep an eye out!


Range Life

May 28, 2015 // HANZ

Thrilled to announce our next release, the debut album from pop troubadour and legendary slang-slinger Hanz Bronze!

You may know Hanz from his percussion work on the White Flight album or from his singular lyricism on the Suzannah Johannes EP, or if you’ve ever been to one of his magical, occasionally dangerously ramshackle shows in Lawrence, Bloomington, Indy, Brooklyn or Portland.

It’s crazy that it took this long to produce an actual Hanz Bronze album — I feel like I’ve been listening to him half my life…

And so here he is, in all his freewheeling splendor! Recorded by Marmoset's Dave Jablonski and featuring some of the great Bloomington and Indy indie-rockers (Chris Barth, Christian Taylor, Sagan Stier, Peter King, Rachel Weidner), this is Hanz with shirt collar and beers open, jamming joyously with the band.

The “S/T” debut Hanz Bronze album is out on Range Life June 19th, available digitally and on limited edition cassette.

Here's the first single, “Elderberry Dawn”:

And check the HANZ BRONZE website HERE.

Much more to follow!

In other news: Congratulations to Coke Weed X mastermind Brian Costello, who is marrying his sweetie this weekend in Lawrence!

For those of you on the West Coast, Dri’s band Extra Classic is doing a Northwest jaunt in June with the Donkeys. They play SF, Calpine CA, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Eugene and Leggett CA. Might hear some new Jahmz, so don’t miss!

Word on the street here is that Empty Moon is working on a 5 song covers EP, recording with Empty Moon bassist Martin Malloy. That and music videos for “Maureen” and “Far Away” from their debut album The Shark should be on the way.

And lastly, I spent the first part of this year busy making a new website called “How To Release A Record” - an insider’s guide to releasing and promoting your music independently. I hope you’ll check it out! I tried to go the extra mile making it rich with links and broadly useful for everyone from beginners to old-schoolers. If you reference it and it’s helpful, send me a link to what you put out! And if you think it would help out anyone else you know, please pass it along ;)

School's Out!

Range Life

February 14, 2015 // Valentine


Welcome to the brand new Range Life Records site 😎

Let’s consider it beta for now — if you notice any wrinkles on your end, please let me know so I can iron them out! zach@rangeliferecords.com

Here's a quick News grab-bag, with the promise of a more thorough update - including details on our next release - shortly!

Brendan from Fourth Of July’s new project, Empty Moon, played their first San Francisco show recently at Hotel Utah, with Dri sitting in on keys. Check out video of “The Shark”:

Their next show is in their hometown of Oakland at the Night Light Thursday, March 5th. Empty Moon's album “The Shark” is out now on High Dive Records.

Want more Dri? Her band Extra Classic is co-headlining the Great American Music Hall in SF on Saturday, Feb 21st. Get there!

Say My Name posted a new track to his SoundCloud - the first we’ve heard from him since last year’s awesome “Malaise Forever”.

More please, Steve!

If you’re in or around the Bay, I’m participating in a Collage Collective exhibit opening Saturday, Feb 21st at Incline Gallery in the Mission. A lot of rad work in the Collective - and it will only be up for a week - so stop by! UPDATE: The Incline Gallery show has been postponed and will be rescheduled :(

Range Life

November 1, 2014 // The Shark

This will be the last update ever on this site… because we’ve got a brand-new Range Life site launching soon!

Yes, 2015 will start a new chapter for us: new site, the release of a few music projects that have been percolating, and a cool releasing-a-record resource site I’ve been developing. Excited to share it all with you. Stay tuned!

In Range Life family news, Brendan Hangauer from Fourth Of July has released his new solo project, Empty Moon’s “The Shark” on High Dive Records. It’s really an awesome record, full of Brendan’s angular storytelling and emotional depth, recorded expertly by Jason Quever of Papercuts. Stream “The Shark” HERE. “The Shark” is available on iTunes, Vinyl, Cd, or Cassette. There’s even some sweet Empty Moon T-shirts. Check out reviews on I Heart Local Music and Atlas and the Anchor and an interview with wunderhub. More at Empty Moon's website.

Brendan’s also on tour in the Midwest this next week. Don’t Miss!!! Here are the dates:
Fri, Nov 7th Harlings Upstairs, KC MO
Sat, Nov 8th Replay Lounge, Lawrence KS
Tues, Nov 11th The Mill Iowa City, IA
Weds, Nov 12th The Burlington Bar Chicago, IL
Thurs, Nov 13th The Harmony Madison, WI
Fri, Nov 14th 331 Club Minneapolis, MN
Sat, Nov 15th O'Leaver's Omaha, NE

For 1,000,000 Light Years fans, there’s a chance to catch him Saturday, November 8th at the Replay, opening for… Empty Moon ;)

For those wondering, we had the misfortune of having the entirety of our Range Life YouTube account deleted a few months ago. So much of the material had been done on the fly and without back-ups. Realllly sucks. On the bright side, I’ve created a new Range Life account and published our entire catalog to YouTube, so it’s all there for the streaming. Plus, we uploaded a special treat: the, until now, CD-only “Making of White Flight” documentary we did back in 2007 to accompany the release of White Flight’s “S/T” album. Check it out HERE.

Another note on YouTube: I’ve started organizing some cool Playlists of different Range Life artists performing live over the years — if you’ve posted something relevant and don’t see it in the proper Collection, drop a note, let me know and I’ll make sure to get it in there.

Yep, sometimes change is what you strive for and sometimes it’s foisted upon you. Either way, we’ll try to ride the wave. I look forward to sharing the new site very soon.

Happy Holidaze and Lot’s of Love from all of Us!

Range Life

August 4, 2014 // What's Up!

Oh man.

We still plan to put out at least one - perhaps two - releases this year, so bear with us. In the meantime, here’s the update on all things Range Life related:

Fourth Of July’s Brendan Hangauer has a new album recorded, mixed, mastered and set for release this Fall on High Dive Records. It’s a gem. Both the most far-ranging and intimate songs Brendan has ever written, a kind of existential travelogue detailing his move from Kansas to the coast. The band name he’s using for the new record is Empty Moon (yep, same as the title of the last Fourth Of July record). You can follow Empty Moon on Twitter, check out his photo Tumblr and keep an eye on High Dive for upcoming details.

Dri’s Extra Classic dropped their sophomore LP, “Showcase”, this Summer on Nopal Records (cassette via Burger Records). It’s a deep vibe back-and-forth between originals and dubs and it’s hardly come off our record player. Listen to the single “A Little Rain” on SoundCloud and check out the video HERE.

Say My Name's new herbal soundtrack “Malaise Forever” is Out Now (Digital and Limited Cassette) on San Francisco’s Foreign Domestic. Cassettes are available in Lawrence at Love Garden and in San Francisco at Aquarius Records. Check out the Zaguar video for the Say My Name jam “Satanta” HERE.

It had been a few years since we saw him, but got to catch up with White Flight himself this Summer, and he did not disappoint: amazing stories, amazing vibes and, most importantly for all of us waiting, Amazing Jamz from the new ABUELA album! Keep your ear to the ground at their Facebook and Twitter.

More news - eventually - on Kelly Hangauer’s (Fourth Of July, The Hips) EP, the new Hanz Bronze record(!), the lost Suzannah Johannes album and whatever else is still negotiating with the Musical Fates.

Until then...

Range Life

March 23, 2014 // HAWKS

Time flies. Ever hear that?

The Kid aka Say My Name is doing a new release on a new label based here in SF called Foreign Domestic. The album is called “Malaise Forever” and it drops this April 22nd Digitally and on Limited Edition cassette. You can hear the outer-spatial title track HERE. Cassettes will be available in Lawrence at Love Garden and from the Foreign Domestic Bandcamp. So excited to have new heat from the Kid!

The new E.vax/White Flight project ABUELA is happening. Their first single True Colors came out Digitally and on Limited 7” last month, and then they dropped this pretty incredible True Colors video, just in case you were curious about how they get down in Peru. I know I keep saying it but once you hear the full ABUELA album, you’ll be floored.

Fourth Of July’s Brendan Hangauer is in the midst of recording his first solo album with Jason Quever from Papercuts. (!)

1,000,000 Light Years did a cool kaleidoscopic video for ABUELA’s “Sapa”, which you can see HERE on his new updated 1,000,000 Light Years website.

Anything else? Oh right - our next Range Life release. We’re gonna have to wait until after tourney time for the details. Trying to get it together but… time flies!

Range Life

November 24, 2013 // Snowballin'

I am clearly not the best prognosticator of release dates! These things inevitably take longer than you'd think...

Case in point: we had hoped to get this really wonderful 4-song EP by CorporateWoods (our youngest brother (and former White Flight, Dri and Fourth Of July contributor) Kelly Hangauer) out before the end of the year. But everyone got so busy we have no choice but to push it back into 2014. It'll give us time to get some videos done and get our press releases out properly. We have set a new release date for it: February 4th, 2014. And to make up for the long tease, here's a taste from the EP, an epic abstract-nostalgia track called "Virtual Boy".

I know everyone's anxious to know what's up with White Flight. Well, this happened. Wild world! The status of his new record is that it won't be attributed to "White Flight" but rather a new name honoring the depth of collaboration on these new tracks between White Flight and Ratatat's E*vax. And it will not be a Range Life release but rather an independent and/or new label release. The Kickstarter vision of a robust visual component accompanying the new record is happening full-on! Check some of these pics from Priest Fontaine who was filming with them recently in Peru: here, here and here. That this album will be worth the wait is such an understatement. It's about the boldest, freshest, raddest audio experience you can imagine. It's going to be HUGE! (UPDATE: The White Flight/E*VAX project is called "ABUELA". They have a video up for the track "Sapa" HERE, featuring footage from Peru, and a single for the track "True Colors" coming out February 4th, 2014 on Canvasback!)

Following Fourth Of July's 4th of July finale, FOJ's Brendan Hangauer flew the coop and wound up out here on the best coast, settling in Oakland, CA. Since I see him every day now, I know for a fact he's working on some sweet new songs for a solo album. Details as they develop. If you haven't seen it, our friend Matt Toplikar did a cool video for Empty Moon's blistering closer, "Berlin".

Dri's Extra Classic, Suzannah Johannes, and Say My Name all have new records completed and are in the process of working out release details (none of these are set to be Range Life releases — it’s just the reality of time, money and opportunity right now) — and I trust you’ll get to hear and enjoy them sooner rather than later since they are all really wonderful records. And 1,000,000 Light Years fans should brace themselves for his upcoming White Flight remix!

Attention here now turns towards getting CorporateWoods off the ground and to a Zaguar video for the new Say My Name — I’m practically promising these with the next update ;)

Happy Holidays!

Range Life

June 29, 2013 // Poolside

So much percolating right now, both for Range Life and for Range Life associated artists! Cool! Like what?

Well, our next release is planned: the long-awaited debut EP from our youngest brother Kelly who goes by Hunters & Gatherers. It's 4 tracks, 3 of which are songs structured around conversations he recorded with people like White Flight and Jason Barr, plus one instrumental. It's great - totally fresh in it's concept, gorgeously scored and sung in one of the most soothing voices I know. Release date is tentative right now but shooting for September.

The most pressing news is that Fourth Of July, whose latest LP "Empty Moon" came out in April on High Dive Records, is gearing up for their yearly patriotic romp through the Replay known as Fourth Of July on the 4th of July. This year's fireworks will be extra special, both because they'll be joined by Hospital Ships (who just released the excellent "Destruction In Yr Soul" on Graveface) and because they'll be featuring a performance of their debut album "On The Plains" in it's swooning, singalong entirety. The show is at 10PM this Thursday, July 4th at the Replay, #LFK.

In case you missed Fourth Of July singer Brendan Hangauer's screenprint show at Love Garden earlier this year, he's bringing new artwork to Kansas City for a First Friday's show, this Friday, July 5th, at 1819 Central Gallery in the Crossroads. He'll also be performing solo during the opening, as will the man behind our most recent release, 1,000,000 Light Years.

Man, I've been jamming the new 1,000,000 Light Years EP steady for months. Have you heard it? Stream it 24/7 on Soundcloud, DL the single "Sevens" HERE, scope it on iTunes plus check out the sister-EP "Rainbow Keys" on 1MLY's Bandcamp. 1MLY himself did two new videos: one for the wonderful Say My Name remix of "Rainbow Keys" and the other for his "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" jam Waves.

If you've heard the rumor that Suzannah Johannes has recorded new material, I can confirm that it's true. I have no idea what her release plans are but I do know she spent time tracking with some pros in L.A. and that at least two of the songs reprise her songwriting partnership with Hanz Bronze. Can't wait to hear it all and listen in bliss.

More rumors/scoops/FAQ's: Yes, I have heard some new White Flight tracks and Yes, they rule - but as far as I know, work continues on the record and a release date is not set. The amazing Say My Name has put together a new album of tape-delay experimentations and it's on some next-wave shit though I am not certain of his release plans. And our friend Dri has been hard at work this year on a new Extra Classic album which is just about Jah-ready. Can't wait to hear it and jam it! HERE is some video of Extra Classic performing a new song at a music fest in Big Sur last weekend.

See? Perlocating… And the heat is on. Everyone's dropping records this year! You heard it here first ;)

Range Life

March 19, 2013 // 1MLY

It has arrived ;) The new 1,000,000 Light Years EP "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" is available now via iTunes and I think it's a classic. "Pythagoras" is the kind of progressive symphony destined for performance at CAP. "Sevens" is my jam - my favorite song this year. "Waves" marks the arrival of "modal" electronica. "Hoya" would slay any dancefloor with a booty on it. And "Breakaway" is like the best elements of each of the first four tracks packed into one transporting hit. This record rules! I hope you'll at least give it a LISTEN. There are also a few videos to check out, starting with an "Introduction to 1,000,000 Light Years", shot by Coke Weed X's Brendan Costello. Zaguar rocked the iMovie special for Michelle Obama's fav "Sevens". And 1,000,000 Light Years himself did some sweet Flash experiment videos for "Breakaway" and "Pythagoras". On top of all that, 1,000,000 Light Years has a second new EP called "Rainbow Keys" that he's self-released on his Bandcamp. It definitely bridges the midi-mechanics of his 2007 debut EP and the weightlessness of "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love". Fellow prog-producer Say My Name did a remix of "Rainbow Keys" which you can and should check out HERE.

Want to experience 1,000,000 Light Years live? You're in luck Lawrence and Kansas City. His release shows will be Thursday, March 28th at the Riot Room in Kansas City with Inspired School of Astral Music and Grimoire and Friday, March 29th at SeedCo. in Lawrence as part of Final Fridays. He'll be back in KC at Glimpse Gallery on Friday, April 5th for First Fridays and back again in Lawrence on Friday, April 26th at Love Garden for an in-store with, oh, his other band...

Fourth Of July. Let's talk about it. Yes, Range Life has been family oriented. And yes, the new album rules. So why isn't Range Life putting it out? Because if Range Life was putting it out it would have been digital-only with in-house PR and no other like-minded bands from the label to join forces with… It would have been a small record as opposed to a bigger record and the band understandably didn't want that. I trust you'll follow them over to their new label, Kansas City's High Dive Records, which is certainly in the right place at the right time. Pretty awesome to start a roster with Fourth Of July, Ghosty and the ACB's all coming out swinging. You can pre-order "Empty Moon" on CD or LP as well as pick up some sweet shirts and coozies over at the High Dive online store. Fourth Of July will be playing a handful of release shows, rocking Lawrence Friday, April 12th at the Jackpot (w/ labelmates the ACB's), Kansas City the following Friday, the 19th at the Brick (w/ Ghosty and the Devil) and then back in Lawrence on April 26th for a special Final Fridays in-store at Love Garden (w/ 1,000,000 Light Years), which will be coinciding with Brendan from Fourth Of July's screen-print Art opening. Heard the first single "Drinking Binge"? Check it HERE!

White Flight fans rejoice: the first glimpse of sound from his new record surfaced recently, soundtracking our friend Neil Krug's promo video for NYC designer Mara Hoffman. Seen it? Heard it? Check it HERE. More to come!

And some good news on the Dri/Extra Classic front: they're finished their next album here in San Francisco and are prepping it "showcase style" (A-side originals, B-side dubs) for Jah's - and our -anxious ears.

Alright! Rock Chalk Hawks fans!

Range Life

January 26, 2013 // <<<*>>>

Our next release, 1,000,000 Light Years' "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" EP, will be out digitally March 19, 2013! 1,000,000 Light Years is Patrick Hangauer - you might know him as the bassist for Fourth Of July or as your friendly neighborhood Kangen water rep. If you haven't heard his 2007 debut EP, you can, for a limited time, download it for free HERE at the 1,000,000 Light Years Bandcamp. "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" is the next step in what I think is a pretty stellar run of progressive computer-produced instrumental music, from the first 1MLY Ep to Say My Name's first EP and "Say My Name 2" to last year's Coke Weed X. The joy of having Range Life is that we get to release music we love and I really love this 1MLY EP -- it casts a spell between ambience and momentum, layered with a classical musician's sense of orchestration, a world traveler's instrument cache and a dirty dog's love of a grind-able beat. I don't think there's anyone making music quite like this. Can't wait to give you a taste!

I know everyone's anxious for updates on new music from Fourth Of July and White Flight. Here's the good news: both have finished records! Here's the hold up: they both have finishing touches and logistics to get worked out before any release dates or details can be announced. Stayyyyy tuned!

For those lucky to be in Lawrence, two of the town's best, Fourth Of July and Hospital Ships are playing a show together at the Taproom on Friday, February 1st.

It was a treat to hear our friend Suzannah Joahannes' voice again -- she's featured on the new record by Lasorda (also featuring Matt Pryor, Dustin Kinsey, Josh Adams and Nate Harold). You can hear the Suzie-centric opening track HERE and Nate Harold's remix HERE. Check out the I Heart Local Music review of the album. And Suzannah's now-classic 2008 EP is still available HERE on 7" vinyl (free download included).

We've added a slew of tracks to the Range Life Soundcloud -- pretty much every remix anyone's done for any of our releases. All free downloads. Check out the set HERE. I also posted to the "Before Our Hearts Explode!" blog an MP3-linked list of "Favorite Songs" for the last two years. Check out "Favorite Songs 2012" and "Favorite Songs 2011". And there's a new Bandcamp feature, Bandcamp For Fans -- don't be shy about following/supporting/wishlisting the Range Life artists on Bandcamp, including Fourth Of July, Say My Name, Coke Weed X and 1,000,000 Light Years. (I also have a fan site on Bandcamp and have to say I've got a pretty tight list of artists I'm following -- check it HERE.)

Updates on WF and FOJ - plus a proper introduction to the new 1,000,000 Light Years - all next time.

2013 rules already!